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HR Magazine - Contacting SHRM: HR-Related Products and Services


Use this form to inform HR Magazine editors about an HR-related product, service or event. If you have a press release you would like to send to HR Magazine, click here.

Items submitted with color graphics are more likely to be accepted for HR Magazine's new products section, What's New.

Submissions must include the following: the name of the company, contact information for someone who can answer questions about the new product or service. Submissions should include a phone number, web site and e-mail address, so readers can request and find more information on products and services. Leads generated by the magazine will be directed to the e-mail address and web site that you provide.

Please include a graphic with your release, if applicable. Hardcopy photos are acceptable, as are digital files in the following formats:

  1. Adobe Illustrator EPS (NOT Quark EPS)
    1. Convert all fonts to outlines.
    2. Imbed all graphics in file
  2. TIF (saved as a PC TIF)--must be at least 270 dpi
  3. JPG--must be at least 270 dpi

Due to the number of releases we receive, we cannot respond to inquiries as to the status of a release. If we need additional information, a member of the HR Magazine staff will contact you.

Product Information

Please select the subject that most nearly describes the focus of your product or service.
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